Workflow Activities

Workflow activities and their order make up workflow for a process template. ZFlow supports several types of workflow activities that you can be used to design comprehensive, flexible and easily maintainable workflows.



Types of Workflow Activity

Data Preparation

Data Preparation activity is generally used for creating and updating process object, adding process data (files, etc.). By default, the Possible Results for data preparation activity are “Submitted” and “Cancelled”.




Review activity is generally used so that the activity performers have a chance to review information related to the process.

The default Possible Result for Review activity is “Accepted”. However, you can add more possible results and related transitions.



Approval activity is one of the more important activity types in ZFlow. The Approval activity is equivalent to a digital approval in the workflow setting. By default it is not possible to edit any data during Approval activity.

The default “Possible Results” include Approved and Rejected. However, you can add more results and related transitions in the workflow.












Special Function



Subprocess with Wait


Subprocess without Wait