Single Sign-on (SSO) Configuration with OKTA

One OKTA tenant configuration

Configuration in OKTA for ZFlow

Take note of ClientID and Client Secret in OKTA. Set the Grant type to Authorization Code as shown below.



Add the following in OKTA

  • Sign-in redirect URI – https://zflowservername/zflow/oktasso
  • Sign-out redirect URI – https://zflowservername/zflow/nui/logout.jsp
  • Assignments – select among options based on your company policy


Configuration in ZFlow

Add the configuration properties as show below



Two OKTA tenant configuration (for suppliers)

The two OKTA tenant configuration is used when Suppliers are set up to use a different OKTA tenant. The configuration in OKTA for ZFlow steps remain the same. In ZFlow you need to add the second OKTA (OKTA2) configuration as shown below. The Supplier login page then uses the second OKTA tenant for authentication and access.