Configuring ZFlow for File Management

Create directory for the vault (zvault as an example)

The zvault directory is where we will be storing our files. This is to be created within the /tomcat directory on your machine where zflow is installed.

To do so, first ssh into your machine and navigate to the /tomcat directory. On most linux instances, the location is usually on the path /var/lib/tomcat. Ubuntu will have the path as /opt/tomcat/.

To create your zvault directory, simply run the given command within the /tomcat directory.

mkdir zvault


Once you’ve created the folder, simply copy the path link. The final path to the zvault directory would look something like this



We will need this path for the next step which is the vault configuration in zflow.

Create/Edit Vault Configuration in ZFlow

To create the vault configuration on zflow, go to the search tab and double click on vault as shown below.


Double click on the search icon as shown below

This will show the list of vault configurations already present by default like DefaultVault. We will be using the same one to configure our vault system. Follow the instructions as shown below and use the edit function on the DefaultVault.


Once you have the settings window open for DefaultVault, simply copy paste the file path for the zvault folder we created earlier into the Directory path tab and save the configuration. You can hit refresh and your file system will now be enabled.