Class Design

Class Design Overview

For the class design overview, we will use the example of Purchase Order and design a class object from scratch.

Class objects are what we use to create the process workflows from and form the base of the Workflows in zflow.

Classes are created using the metadata editor as shown below.


The Purchase Order class is created as a child of “Process Attrs” Parent class as shown below.

Process Attrs is the parent class of all processes. Any class that is created as a child of Process Attrs can be used for designing processes. Important to keep in mind that the Class Name is to be entered in CamelCase Format and no special Characters are to be used.

The Purchase Order class is created as a child of Process Attrs

Class Design – Parent Classes

We will be looking at the various forms of parent classes here. There are various forms of Parent Classes such as ProcessAttrs, Forms, Admin, etc.

We will look at a few of the important Parent classes that will be used in day-to-day operations. Namely ProcessAttrs. Forms and Admin.


This is the main Parent class which contains the Class Objects for our processes.

All of our main Class Objects such as Purchase Orders, RFQ’s, Purchase Requisitions, etc are created under the Parent Class named ProcessAttrs.


This Parent class contains the form Data which can be used to fill in the Attribute fields in the various Class objects.

We can Pre-fill various forms of data such as Supplier Catalog Item, Supplier Information and these can be used to automatically fill in the Attribute data fields.

We use SourceAttrs and select properties that will enable us to use the prefilled data to be entered into the attribute data fields.

We will use the SupplierCatalogItem Form to explain the process

To upload data into the class objects such as Supplier Catalog Item which are under the Parent class “Forms”, we have 2 main ways of doing so.

  1. Under the Launchpad,  select the Supplier Catalog Item and click on Add Supplier Catalog Item as shown below

  2. Click on the Data maintenance Tab on the top toolbar and select load data to upload your csv file with the pre-filled data. The file path to be followed for this is given here:

    Data maintainance > Load > Load data > Forms

    Under Form type, select supplier catalog item and choose your .csv file and hit load.