Installing ZFlow on Ubuntu

Before you can install ZFlow make sure you have Tomcat and MySQL installed and running.

Tomcat Installation

We recommend using the following instructions from Digital Ocean to install Tomcat

How to install Tomcat on Ubuntu



MySQL Installation

We recommend  using the following instructions from Digital Ocean to install MySQL

How to install MySQL on Ubuntu


Creating database for ZFlow in MySQL

The next step is to create a database for ZFlow in MySQL. We are assuming that you have admin privileges to create the database in ZFlow, create a user has appropriate privileges to manage the ZFlow database

Create zflow database. In the example below we will use ‘zflow’ as the name of the data

mysql> create database zflow;


Create a user for the zflow database. Pick an appropriate user (instead of zflowusr) and a strong password (not ‘password’). Please remember the user and password details since we will use those values for configuration properties.

mysql> CREATE USER 'zflowusr'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';
mysql> GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON zflow.* TO 'zflowusr'@'localhost';


Stop Tomcat

It is likely that tomcat is running.


Installing ZFlow

The first step is to download ZFlow

Download ZFlow

Download ZFlow tar file by using the following command in a temp directory



Extract the archive

tar -xvf zflow.tar