Workflow Template Design

A workflow (process) template is the blueprint of how a business process gets done in your organization. Users in your organization can use process templates (usually designed by people with Administrative privileges).

Users with Administrative privileges can create and manage Process Templates by selecting Process Templates menu option in Administration menu dropdown as shown below. You will see the list of existing process templates as shown below.


Creating a New Process Template

Administrators can create new process templates by selecting “New” button as shown below the list of process templates


The next step is to define the various aspects of process template. You can review this tutorial to look at the step-by-step details



Defining Process Roles

The next step is to define the process roles. Process roles are used to define which workflow activities are performed which process role. It is a better and more flexible approach than configuring specific users to perform workflow activities.


You can follow the steps shown below to create a new role for the process template


Adding Members


Workflow Activities


Making Process Template Effective